The 2019 ANZMRC tour is taking shape……….

The ANZMRC, or Australian and New Zealand Masonic Research Council is the organisation which links most of the research lodges and chapters throughout the far East, Australia and New Zealand. Bro Kerry Nicholls, as President, and Bro Colin Heyward, both in New Zealand, have combined with their colleagues in Australia, Bros Brendan Kyne, Neil Morse and Kent Henderson to organise the biennial tour of the group by a visiting lecturer. In the intervening year a conference is held – last year in Melbourne (2018) and next year in Dunedin (2020). The tour has welcomed a number of top-level Masonic speakers and writers over the years, primarily from the United Kingdom and Europe. This year the guest visiting lecturer will be Bro Dr Mike Kearsley. Mike is PAGDC under UGLE and PDGDC in GLNZ. He is a Prestonian lecturer (2014), a Kellerman lecturer (2017), past Grand Orator for Middlesex, former editor of The Square Magazine, a full member of the Quatuor Coronati lodge 2076, a Norman Spencer prize winner and much more. He has presented to Masonic audiences throughout the world, and the UK, and is a member or honorary member of lodges under four constitutions. He is no stranger to New Zealand as he started his Masonry with the Hawera Lodge 34, was an associate of Masters and Past Masters in Christchurch, was a member of the Lodge Avon orchestra and is currently a member of the Mt Maunganui Lodge and an associate of two New Zealand research lodges. He and his wife, Anne, have a home and family in Papamoa, Bay of Plenty, though they have been domiciled in Surrey, England for the last few years. In his career Mike began a teaching career at Hawera High School and then Christ’s College, Christchurch. He worked for IBM NZ, Alexander Stenhouse and Marsh McLennan as well as running his own business from offices on the Terrace, Wellington for a number of years. He is also no stranger to Australia and his daughter now lives in Melbourne after surviving the Christchurch earthquake.

Mike’s tour will likely run throughout August, September and October 2019 and at this point will include Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, most of Australia and almost all of New Zealand. It will involve perhaps 30 different presentations and many thousands of miles. Each centre is offered one, or more, of 12 different presentations which are also available as separate chapters in a tour book which is sold to defray tour costs. Mike normally presents his lectures on behalf of his chosen charity, DEBRA, the charity for people whose skin doesn’t work. They have benefited with donations in excess of $15,000 a year for the last 6 years – so he has been busy! It is hoped that many presentations will be opened to wives and friends.

The presentations will be interesting to everyone – covering Masonic scandals such as the Roberto Calvi affair and the Morgan Affair, to some of the interesting characters in Freemasonry – Casanova, Cagliostro, John Soane, Aleister Crowley, historical events such as the Union of 1813 and the Masonic involvement in foundation stones, a paper suggesting that King Solomon’s temple never existed – and if it did, it wasn’t where it was supposed to be, and also a paper for the Royal Arch companions which tries to lift some of the confusion experienced with the modern ritual – all with the help of the Wizard of Oz (a different Oz). All the presentations are full PowerPoint, and Mike has a reputation for being both humorous, informative and very entertaining. His motto is ‘I don’t mind if you disagree, but I will be upset if you are bored’.

Mike has another love – music – and is currently principal tuba with the British Airways band. He admits that his friends are not surprised that there is even more hot air to be had from him!

If there is a presentation near you, you don’t want to miss it………