Past Conference Locations, Kellerman Lectures and Lecturers

Lectures Lecturers From
1992 Conference – Melbourne, Victoria 
The Challenge of the Changes in Membership in New South Wales Harry Kellerman † NSW & ACT
Preparation of a Candidate Ken Wells Q’ld
The Mason Mark Kennion Brindal SA & NT
Researching the Future Max Webberley Tas
Nine out of Ten Freemasons would attack Moscow in Winter Peter Thornton Vic
The Impact on Freemasonry of Social History in the 18th and 19th Centuries Bryn Hitchin WA
1994 Conference – Sydney, New South Wales
Freemasonry Among Australian Prisoners of War Brian Burton NSW & ACT
Our Purpose Brian Palmer Q’ld
Our Segregated Brethren, Prince Hall Freemasons Tony Pope SA & NT
Where do I Come From? Ian Sykes Tas
Back to the Future—A prescription for Masonic Renewal Kent Henderson Vic
1996 Conference – Perth, Western Australia
The 46th (South Devonshire) Regiment and Freemasonry in Australia 1814 to 1817 Robert Linford NSW & ACT
Cosmographic Origins of Some Speculative Masonic Symbolisms Arthur Page Q’ld
Possible Jewish Antecedents of Freemasonry Graham Murray SA & NT
Grand Lodge Recognition and some Contemporary Issues Murray Yaxley Tas
Freemasonry is closer to Pythagoras than Moderns accept Keith Hollingsworth Vic
The Five Noble Orders of Architecture Peter Verrall WA
1998 Conference – Launceston, Tasmania
Samuel Clayton, Australian Masonic Pioneer Arthur Astin NSW & ACT
The World of the Ancients and Moderns: London 1700s Guy Palliser NZ
The Bronze Castings of Solomon Harvey Lovewell Q’ld
The Origin and Development of Freemasonry—an upset thesis George Woolmer SA & NT
Freemasonry, Two Chief Justices and Two Constitutions Arnold Shott Tas
A History of Early Freemasonry and the Irish Constitution in Van Diemen’s Land Ron Cook Vic
The Geometry and Construction of the Great Pyramid Arthur Hartley WA
2000 Conference – Brisbane, Queensland
The Degrees of the Practical Masons Neil Morse NSW & ACT
Some Aspects of the Nature of Ritual Guy Palliser NZ
The Rise, Decline and Revival of Jersey Freemasonry James Hughes Q’ld
Let’s Swap Secrets, Lift Landmarks and Exchange Egos Max Webberley Tas
The Masonic Approach to Self -development Phillip Hellier Vic
The Legend of the Knights Templar Arthur Hartley WA
2002 Conference – Adelaide, South Australia
Masonic Education Andy Walker NSW & ACT
Second Degree, Second Class: a second class second degree word Bill Gibson NZ
The Hung Society and Freemasonry, the Chinese Way Graham Stead Q’ld
Recognising Freemasonry—a brief history for the curious or interested Alan Wright SA & NT
The Place of Masonic Musicians in the History of Western Music Nicholas Reaburn Tas
Thales—The Forgotten Philosopher Graeme Love Vic
A Peculiar System of Morality Arthur Hartley WA
2004 Conference – Tauranga, New Zealand
Mysticism, Masculinity and Masonry David Slater NSW & ACT
A Separate Reality—Anthropology, Ritual and today’s Mason Roel van Leeuwen NZ
J and B, other Aspects Alex P Tello Garat Q’ld
The Father of Freemasonry in Van Diemen’s Land Max Linton; Murray Yaxly Tas
The Ladder of Jacob Frederick Shade Vic
Architects in Masonry Peter Verrall WA
2006 Conference – Ballarat, Victoria
Catherine the Great and Freemasonry in Russia Robert Nairn NSWS & ACT
A Conceptual Overview of Maoridom and Freemasonry in New Zealand Society Kerry Nicholls NZ
The Triangle Ken Wells Q’ld
The Christian Objection to Freemasonry Gregory Parkinson Tas
Science, Freemasonry and the Third Millennium Robert Barnes Vic
Doors in Freemasonry Peter Verrall WA
2008 Conference – Queanbeyan, New South Wales
greenMasonry: Nature and Freemasonry Geoff Ludowyk NSW & ACT
Oamaru: Aspects of Early New Zealand stonemasonry and Freemasonry Gordon Frazer NZ
The Australian Connection in the Development of Freemasonry in New Zealand Colin Heyward NZ
The Calendar and Masonry Harvey Lovewell Q’ld
Freemasonry: an Initiate Order Ian Green Tas
The Masonic Mozart: Wayward Prodigy or Product of his Times David Beagley Vic
The Ark of the Covenant David Ganon WA
Finishing School for Presidents: Orange Free State Rodney Grosskopff Special
2010 Conference – Mandurah, Western Australia
New Masonic History: The future of Australian Freemasonry & Ned Kelly’s Sash Bob James NSW & ACT
Certificates, Patents, Warrants and Charters of the Grand Lodge of New Zealand Keith Knox NZ
An Illumination of Masonic Colours Kevin Allen NZ
Religious Fundamentalism/Extremism and Freemasonry Harvey Lovewell Q’ld
Green Masonic Connections Ian Green Tas
Pharaoh’s Masons John Boardman Vic
Freemasonry, the Scottish Heresy Bob Grimshaw WA
Jack The Ripper a Freemason? Yasha Beresiner Special
The History of Freemasonry in Thailand James Soutar Special
2012 Conference – Wellington, New Zealand
Statistical Foundations of the Masonic Mind Phillip Purcell NSW & ACT
The Origins of Speculative Freemasonry and Modern Academic Discipline Robert H Montgomery NZ
On Becoming a Grand Lodge: The Grand Lodge of New Zealand Ian Nathan NZ
Crafting the Masonic Vision Tony Tabrett Q’ld
French Memphis Rite Goldfield Lodge—Ballarat, 1853 Brendan Kyne Vic
Freemasonry Positively Defined Alan Gale WA
2014 Conference – Cairns, Queensland
Origin of the Craft Ritual in New South Wales Ian Shanley NSW & ACT
An Investigation into the First Three Degrees of New Zealand Craft Masonry George Allan NZ
A Short History of Esoteric Societies in New Zealand Phil Ivamy NZ
The District Grand Lodge of Carpentaria: The Formative Years Lyndon Brandt Q’ld
Before Freemasonry Rex Hesline Tas
Re-thinking the Origins of Modern Freemasonry Murray Treseder Vic
Looking Through a Glass Onion: Freemasonry in the Digital Age Daniel L Ganon WA
2016 Conference – Launceston, Tasmania
Two Enduring Treasures: Why they are not Ornaments Peter Bindon NSW & ACT
The Answer is a Lemon Max Currie NZ
The Oak Island Legend: The Masonic Angle Dennis King NZ
King Athelstan and the Craft Terry Edwards Q’ld
Southern Lights Albert Kusnezow Tas
King Solomon’s Temple and the Legend of the Third Degree Nigel Parker Tas
Lodge Liberty Cherie Robert Brennand Vic
The Symbolism of Free Gardenry, and the lost Degrees of the Knights of Gethsemane Ben Quick Special
Freemasonry, Qabalah and Tarot Lewis Allan Vic
Is Freemasonry a Progressive Science? David Shearer WA
2018 Conference – Melbourne, Victoria
Astronomy in Freemasonry David Pederick Vic
That Which Was Lost: The Naked Truth Philip A. Carter NSW & ACT
Conflicts: Science – Freemasonry – Religion John Presser Tas
The Conflict between Authoritarianism and Individualism Peter Thomas Tas
Out of the Ashes: The impact of early twentieth-century wars on New Zealand Freemasonry as a measure by the life of Colonel George Barclay Glenn Summerhayes NZ
1814 – Consolidation and Change
Mike Kearsley NZ
300 years of Freemasonry a reflection on European Freemasonry during Mozart’s time Ernst Krauss Tas
Freemasonry in War and Peace Richard H Williams NZ
4th Degree AASR: Kabbalah of the Secret Master Unveiled Michel Jaccard Switzerland


A Special Lecture is a lecture of Kellerman standard, given with approval by the committee or the general meeting, by a person who is not a member of an Affiliate (or, in recent years, an Associate) of ANZMRC.