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Aims of the ANZMRC

  Promote Masonic research and education

  Act as a liaison body between its affiliated research lodges and chapters.

  Organise biennial conferences across New Zealand and Australia

  Organise and coordinate Speaking tours by noted Masonic researchers

Publish the proceedings of its conferences and tour books of each touring speaker

The ANZMRC selects a well-known researcher/speaker and organises a lecture tour every two years which takes that person round all the states of Australia and the North and South Islands of New Zealand.  A book of all the papers presented by the touring lecturer during the tour is also published. Below is a full list of all the distinguished Touring Lecturers and their Tour books: –

  •   John Hamill (1991) – Masonic Perspectives
  •   Cyril Batham (1993) – Freemasonry in England and France
  •   Neville Barker Cryer (1995) – A Masonic Panorama
  •   Wallace McLeod (1997) – The Quest for Light
  •   Yasha Beresiner (2000) – Masonic Curiosities
  •   David Gray (2003) – Inside Prince Hall
  •   Robert Cooper (2005) – Freemasons, Templars & Gardeners
  •   James Daniel (2007) – Masonic Networks & Connections
  •   Peter Verrall & Kerry Nicholls (2009) – Under the Canopy of Diversity
  •   Rodney GrossKopff (2011) – Bushveld Brethren
  •   Trevor Stewart (2013) – Freemasonry – Old records, New ideas
  •   Michel Jaccard (2015) – Continental Freemasonry
  •   John Belton (2017) – A Questioning Eye upon Freemasonry
  • Mike Kearsley (2019) – TBA

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