Australian and New Zealand Masonic Research Council

The ANZMRC acknowledges and thanks the Grand Lodge of New Zealand for their generous and ongoing assistance in hosting the Website and assisting with implementation and updates to the Masonic Digital Library.

President’s Message

I hope you enjoy exploring this webpage and invite you to post any comments to one of the contacts that you feel may improve your experience not only for Freemasons but everybody.

Kerry Nicholls
President, 2018-2020.

Aims of the ANZMRC

  Promote Masonic research and education
  Act as a liaison body between its affiliated research lodges and chapters.
  Organise biennial conferences across New Zealand and Australia
  Organise and coordinate Speaking tours by noted Masonic researchers
Publish the proceedings of its conferences and tour books of each touring speaker

The ANZMRC selects a well-known researcher/speaker and organises a lecture tour every two years which takes that person round all the states of Australia and the North and South Islands of New Zealand.  A book of all the papers presented by the touring lecturer during the tour is also published. 

View Past Tours

The 2019 Tour – – – Follow the tour so far – – – See “Speak Up” the television Show for New Zealand Freemasons


All of us at ANZMRC congratulate Bro Brendan Kyne– our Secretary – who has achieved a well deserved accolade that is a reflection of the efforts of a true Masonic Researcher.
You have laboured very hard to reach this achievement.
Well deserved
As an aside this is the 2nd year in a row that a Kellerman Lecturer has achieved this award with Bro David Slater in 2018.

Can we perform the hat-trick in 2020?
Norman B Spencer Prize 2019
Brendan Kyne (2019) – ‘The First Lodge on the Ballarat Goldfields; French Memphis Rite Lodge,1853’.

The Norman B. Spencer Essay Prize


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