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President’s Message

I hope you enjoy exploring this web-page and invite you to post any comments to one of the contacts that you feel may improve your experience not only for Freemasons but everybody.

Update 13 June 2020

Greetings all.
The last few weeks have not been easy times for any one of us, however it has been prudent for us to change our programming of events to accommodate current times.
As we have all seen, various endeavours in our ways of living required a shift and resetting of societies parameters, altering how we carry out various tasks.
There is no doubt, that we are on a perilous journey for some time to come, but in saying this we have all had time for reflection and positivity for the future must remain uppermost in us all.

The 2021 Touring Lecturers will take place in August/September 2021. R.W Bro John Molnar – P Dep GM, OAM from Australia will tour New Zealand and W.Bro Dr Jack Dowd from New Zealand will tour Australia.
This will be subject to any requirements we need to follow.

2. ANZMRC Conference:
This will be held in Dunedin in late October/November 2022.
I realise this seems some time off but there are a large number of unknowns to be dealt with to make this conference successful.
I hope you all understand why and feel reassured that it is being done in the interests of all.

Below is the final list of presenters that have been chosen by our selection panel and you can be assured there will be vast amounts of interest engendered from each of these presentations.

2022 Kellerman Lecturers and Conference Papers.
Bro Gary Muir – Matariki and the 6 sisters (NZ)
Bro Wayne McPhee – Some mid nineteenth century Sydney Freemasons and how they created a life beyond the Craft (Aus.)
Bro Martin McGregor – The Commemorative Crusader Orders in Freemasonry (NZ)
Sister Margaret Ray – The Order of the Eastern Star and its place in the Masonic Associated Orders (Aus.)
Bro Jack Dowds – An Historical Reflection on Freemasonry in Ireland and the role of Freemasons in the 1798 Rebellion (NZ)
Bro Richard Elkington – The Moral Law (Aus.)
Bro Andrew Shepherd – Freemasonry and The Royal Society: 2 Pillars of the Enlightenment in 17th Century England (Aus.)
Bro Monika and Bro Marcin Stankiewicz – The first-degree ritual of Co-Masonry (Aus.)

This will be New South Wales and I understand in the beautiful Hunter Valley.
Finally, we have witnessed an industry spring up within Freemasonry in on-line Masonic meetings.
For the Australian and New Zealand Masonic Research Council we now have an opportunity to consider international speakers two or three times a year using this forum and later this year we may move forward in this direction. I am sowing a small seed at present but I put it out there for others to germinate and look forward to your feedback.

Please take care and look after yourselves, stay safe and we will all catch up very soon.

Kerry Nicholls.
President, 2018-2020.

COVID-19 statement about 2020 Conference in Dunedin.

We would ask that any enquiries or concerns you may have be directed to either of us in the first instance.

Glenn Summerhayes – Conference Convenor –

Kerry Nicholls – President ANZMRC –


Glenn Summerhayes & Kerry Nicholls.
28 March 2020.

Aims of the ANZMRC

  Promote Masonic research and education
  Act as a liaison body between its affiliated research lodges and chapters.
  Organise biennial conferences across New Zealand and Australia
  Organise and coordinate Speaking tours by noted Masonic researchers
Publish the proceedings of its conferences and tour books of each touring speaker

The ANZMRC selects a well-known researcher/speaker and organises a lecture tour every two years which takes that person round all the states of Australia and the North and South Islands of New Zealand.  A book of all the papers presented by the touring lecturer during the tour is also published. 

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The 2019 Tour – – – – See “Speak Up” the television Show for New Zealand Freemasons

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