ANZMRC Committee 2020 to 2022


President Ian Green (Tas)
Vice President (1) Martin McGregor (NZ)
Vice President (2) David Slater (NSW/ACT)
Vice President (3) Harvey Lovewell (QLD)
Treasurer (Aust) Richard Dawes (NSW/ACT)
Treasurer (NZ) Phil Ivamy (NZ)
Secretary Brendan Kyne (Vic)
Assistant Secretary vacant (NZ)
IT Officer Pete Grounds (Vic)


Appointments of Other Officers

Convenor of next Conference (2022) Glen Summerhayes (NZ)
Masonic Digital Library Coordinator Ed Robinson (NZ)
Editor of Harashim Neil Morse (NSW/ACT)
Financial Reviewer Terry Edwards (Qld)
Website Don Ray (NSW/ACT)