ANZMRC Committee 2022 to 2024


President David Slater (NSW/ACT)
Vice President (1) Kerry Nichols (NZ)
Vice President (2) Mike Kearsley (NZ)
Vice President (3) Adam Brighouse (Qld)
Treasurer (Aust) Richard Dawes (NSW/ACT)
Treasurer (NZ) Phil Ivamy (NZ)
Secretary Brendan Kyne (Vic)
Assistant Secretary vacant (NZ)
IT Officer Pete Grounds (Vic)
Ex-Officio Member – appointed as of right
Immediate Past President Ian Green (Tas)


Appointments of Other Officers

Convenor of next Conference (2024 in Sydney) Kim Nielsen (NSW/ACT)
Masonic Digital Library Coordinator Ed Robinson (NZ)
Editor of Harashim Neil Morse (NSW/ACT)
Assistant Editor of Harashim Neil Morse (NSW/ACT)
Financial Reviewer Terry Edwards (Qld)
Website Don Ray (NSW/ACT)
Social Media (Facebook admin) Andrew Shepherd (Qld)