About the Masonic Digital Library

The Masonic Digital Library is a collection of more than 5700 Masonic lectures, research papers and other material of interest to masonic researchers. The contents of the library are fully searchable and downloadable. It is an extension of the common practice of exchanging transactions by masonic research organisations. The purpose of the Library is to provide a benefit to members of Masonic Research Organisations. Many of the papers have been provided on the condition that they not be available to members of the public.

The library is promoted by the ANZMRC, and we acknowledge the assistance of the Grand Lodge of New Zealand in hosting the website and library on their system.

Files are largely in PDF format, with a small number of PowerPoint files also included.

Access to the library is generally restricted to members of organisations participating in the library– these organisations have committed to sharing future publications in electronic form, and providing past publications as they become available. Participation is not restricted to ANZMRC member organisations. Other organisations and individual authors have also provided files for the collection.

A Masonic Research Organisation considering participation can obtain limited temporary access for evaluation purposes. If your lodge wishes to consider participating, or has made a decision to participate, please click HERE for further information.

If you are a Freemason but not a member of a participating organisation, it may be possible to become a member at a modest cost, and hence become eligible to access the Masonic Digital Library. Contact one of the Participating Organisations below. The Library is not open to all Freemasons.

Please respect statements regarding copyright; normally short extracts may be published with appropriate acknowledgement of the source, but if there is any doubt contact one of the participating organisations.

Participating Organisations

Barron Barnett Research Lodge The Research Lodge of Otago Temple of Athene Lodge
Discovery Lodge of Research Research Lodge of Ruapehu Top of the South Research Lodge
Hawke’s Bay Research Lodge Research Lodge of the Taranaki Province Waikato Lodge of Research
Hobart Lodge of Research Research Lodge of Wellington The Western Australian Lodge of Research
Linford Lodge of Research Research Lodge of Southland WH Green Memorial Masonic Study Circle
WHJ Mayers Lodge of Research

For all Other Enquiries

Email the Digital Library Coordinator