Masonic Digital Library Participants.

This is an old list, some have been added and some removed. Links do not work at present. Updates coming.

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# Name Position Phone Mobile Phone Number Fax
2 Barron Barnett Research Lodge (Australia)
3 Buckinghamshire Association for Masonic Research (England)
4 The Discovery Lodge of Research (Australia)
5 Hawke’s Bay Research Lodge (New Zealand)
6 The Hobart Lodge of Research (Australia)
7 Linford Lodge of Research (Australia)
8 Louisiana Lodge of Research (USA)
9 The Research Lodge of Otago (New Zealand)
10 Research Lodge of Ruapehu (New Zealand)
11 Research Lodge of the Taranaki Province (New Zealand)
12 Research Lodge of Wellington (New Zealand)
13 South Australia Lodge of Research (Australia)
14 Temple of Athene Lodge (England)
15 Top of the South Research Lodge (New Zealand)
16 Waikato Lodge of Research (New Zealand)
17 The Western Australian Lodge of Research (Australia)
18 WH Green Memorial Masonic Study Circle (Australia)
19 WHJ Mayers Lodge of Research (Australia)