Copies of the book of the papers to be delivered by the 2019 touring lecturer will be available soon. To assist with deciding how many books to print you can advise us of your intention to buy one at either of these email addresses, the Secretary or the President or to ensure your copy use one of the buttons below to prepay for your copy.

If you want to negotiate a reduced price for a large number of books please use either of the same two email addresses above.


The papers that will be printed in the Tour Book “On the Square” are:

      1. 1814, Consolidation and change, the first year of UGLE – the Prestonian lecture
      2. Sir John Soane, architect and Freemason – the first Grand Supt of works
      3. The three Cs – Cagliostro, Casanova and Crowley (the bad boys of Masonry?)
      4. Rob Morris – the Grand Luminary, his life and works
      5. The Morgan Affair in the N East United States
      6. The Roberto Calvi Affair – a Masonic scandal?
      7. The N East corner – foundation and cornerstones, the Masonic myth.
      8. The formation of the NZ Grand Lodge
      9. The Grand Lodge certificate
      10. King Solomon’s Temple, fact or fiction?
      11. Four years on the Square – the musings of an editor
      12. Reflections on the meaning of the Royal Arch




2019 Tour Book posted to you in Australia or NZ. $40.00.


2019 Tour Book posted to you outside Australia and NZ. $55.00.