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The Masonic Digital Library is a collection of over 6,000 Masonic lectures, research papers and other material of interest to masonic researchers. It is an extension of the common practice of exchanging transactions by masonic research organisations. The library is sponsored and promoted by the ANZMRC, who acknowledge and thank the Grand Lodge of New Zealand for hosting the library.

Access to the library is available to members of masonic research organisations participating in the library– these organisations have committed to sharing future publications in electronic form, and providing past publications as they become available. Participation is not restricted to ANZMRC member organisations. Other organisations and individual authors have also provided files for the collection.

A Masonic Research Organisation considering participation can obtain limited temporary access for evaluation purposes.

If you are a Freemason but not a member of a participating organisation, it may be possible to become a member of a participating organisation at a modest cost, and hence become eligible to access the Masonic Digital Library. Contact one of the Participating Organisations below. The Library is not open to all Freemasons.

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For enquiries to participating organisations, please click the appropriate link below.

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