The Collector

The pen is mightier than the sword!
Building and distributing information collections carries responsibilities that you may want to reflect on before you begin. There are legal issues of copyright: being able to access documents doesn't mean you can necessarily give them to others. There are social issues: collections should respect the customs of the community out of which the documents arise. And there are ethical issues: some things simply should not be made available to others.
Be sensitive to the power of information and use it wisely.


The Collector helps you to create new collections, modify or add to existing ones, or delete collections. To do this you will be guided through a sequence of Web pages which request the information that is needed.

First, you must decide whether to

    create a new collection
    work with an existing one, adding data to it or deleting it.

In order to build or modify digital library collections you must sign in. This is to protect you from others logging in to your computer and altering the information on it. Note: for security reasons you will be automatically logged out once a 30 minute period has elapsed since you logged in. If this happens, don't worry! -- you will be invited to log in again and can continue from where you left off.

Please enter your Greenstone username and password, and click the button to sign in.