There are three categories of membership of ANZMRC :

  • Affiliate (voting) membership is open to Masonic research lodges and similar bodies of Australia and New Zealand, cost AU$ 100.00 annually;
  • Associate (non-voting) membership is open to Masonic lodges and organisations in Australia, New Zealand and other parts of the world, cost AU$ 10.00 annually ; and
  • Corresponding membership (non-voting) – open to individual Freemasons and others resident anywhere in the world (no subscription charge.)

Benefits of Associate and Corresponding membership: – 

  1. members are sent the ANZMRC Harashim publication
  2. other event news and information from the ANZMRC
  3. submit a paper for selection as a Kellerman lecture at a biennial conference

If you require further information about the benefits of the various forms of membership in ANZMRC please contact the Secretary


AFFILIATE MEMBER LODGES: (subscription Au$ 100.00 pa)


The Discovery Lodge of Research No. 971 (Sydney) (Region 12, District 123, UGL NSW & ACT)
Canberra Lodge of Research and Instruction (Canberra, ACT) (Region 10 UGL NSW & ACT)


The Victorian Lodge of Research No.218 (Melbourne)
The Chisel (Research) Lodge No.434


Barron Barnett (Research) Lodge No.146 (Brisbane)
Toowoomba Lodge of Research and Instruction
W.H.J.Mayers Memorial Lodge of Research (Cairns, Qld)
W.H.Green Memorial Masonic Study Circle (Townsville, Qld)


The Hobart Lodge of Research No.62 ) see information for both lodges HERE
The Launceston Lodge of Research No.69 )


The South Australian Lodge of Research No.216 (Adelaide, SA)
Leichhardt Lodge of Research No.225 (Darwin, NT)


The Western Australian Lodge of Research No.277 – last Thursdays (exc Jan, Feb, Dec), at Burswood


The Masters & Past Masters Lodge No. 130
Waikato Lodge of Research No.445
Hawkes Bay Lodge of Research No. 305
The Research Lodge of Wellington No. 194

United Masters Lodge No. 167 (Auckland, NZ)
The Research Lodge of Taranaki Province No. 323
Midland District Lodge of Research No. 436 (Timaru, New Zealand)
The Research Lodge of Southland No. 415 (Invercargill, NZ)
The Research Lodge of Otago No.161 (Dunedin)

Ruapehu Research Lodge No 444 NZ (Palmerston North, New Zealand)
The Top of the South Research Lodge No 470 (Blenheim)
Research Chapter of New Zealand No 93, SGRAC of NZ

ASSOCIATE (non-voting) MEMBER LODGES: (subscription Au$ 10.00 pa)

The Newcastle Masonic Study Circle (Newcastle,NSW)
Sunshine Coast Masonic Study Circle (Qld)
Lyceum Lodge of Research No.8682 E.C. (Johannesburg, South Africa)
The Phylaxis Society (USA)
Nairobi Lodge of Instruction (Nairobi, Kenya)
Lodge Kellerman No.1027 (NSW)
The [Irish] Lodge of Research CC (No.200 I.C., Freemasons Hall, Molesworth St., Dublin, Ireland)
Irish Masters Lodge No. 907 I.C. (Masonic Building, 45-47 Barbados Avenue, Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies)
The Dr. Rustom K. R. Cama Masonic Study Circle (Freemasons’ Hall, Fort, Mumbai, India)
Lodge Mount Faber No. 1825 S.C. (Freemasons Hall, Coleman Street, Singapore)
Le Groupe de Recherche Alpina [GRA] (Lausanne, Switzerland)

CORRESPONDING (non-voting, individual) MEMBERS:

This category is for individual Freemasons and other interested persons. Individuals will receive the ANZMRC quarterly newsletter Harashim and receive other benefits of membership including access to the ANZMRC email list. CLICK HERE for further information and an application form.